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Deciphering european date codes mazeIm thinking youll be disappointed — new sensor owns the branding for the mullard, so its a russian tube. most reviews that ive read dating. The-tubekings-guide-to-nos-and-vintage-audio-tubesMatched pair of mullard 12ax7 ecc83 vacuum tubes same date codes nos (bjr). s$ ; +s$ postage. may 14 ; from. Are these united national tubes made by ei? – diyaudioBut, do they make anything besides 12ax7 in the reissue? deal im not sure if a 12at7 would demand the premium a mullard 12ax7 would. maybe they missed it, maybe it was made at some early date when they werent.

dating mullard 12ax7

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Brand new, mint nos nib s ecc83 12ax7 halo getter 127 / 83 audio B0f3 from what i read, the xf4 thing is a mullard identifier. any idea of the date based on those codes? on the 12ax7, much of the print is worn.This is the famous mullard 12at7. we mostly have the cv version. the cv stands for common valve which is a military designator for the british military. any tubes that were designated for the military, by law, could not have the factory logo on them. Dating mullard preamp tubesDating preamp les paul forum Can any one date the ? there is a boxed logo with iec over the logo. it says 12ax7 gt. britian across the top. along logo.12ax7 (also known as ecc83) is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode – 6av6 with high. triode used in am radios), which itself is very similar to the older type 75 triode-diode dating from although commonly known in europe by its mullard–philips tube designation of ecc83, other european variations.

dating mullard 12ax7

3 x 83 127 valves 1 made by b7 l2 date codeThe reissue mullard 12ax7/ecc83 has the same features as the sovtek. there are many types of service tube testers and most of them date from the early. Pair of 12ax7 ecc83 i61 white print same dateAmperex 12ax7s (heerlen factory) l to r ( each) 1- i three nos/nib jan sylvania s dated (26th week). : 127 preamp vacuum tube, single: musicalMullard 12ax7 tubes deliver a large sound stage and great detail with low noise.

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  • Tubes display the codes j83 b4e1 = blackburn, u.k. example: ix1 b5b4 and ix1 b5c1 ix = 6es8 ecc, 1 = construction.
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How do you read the datecode on mullard tubes?European eccax7: ecc83 is the european designation for the 12ax7 tube — (it is the same exact tube). these tubes include those produced by mullard, amperex, siemens, telefunken, tungsram, rft, ei, mazda, lorenz, philips and others. Iding/dating some tubes — mullard and tungsram?? | telecasterThese tubes are mullard 12ax7s and have a boi code. for the most european tubes made after date codes are located on the bottom. Identifying vintage nos vacuum by brand country and eia codePair of mullard 12ax7 ecc83 i61 white print same date code | sound & vision, vintage sound & vision, vintage parts & accessories | ebay!